Gordon Freeman, reluctant hero

Gordon FreemanFacebook readers: click here for the full story and to watch the videos.

So, we all know Gordon Freeman, the ever-silent physicist who single-handedly saves the world over and over in the Half-Life franchise. But what is he really like? Find out after the jump. 

Dr. Gordon Freeman, physicist extraordinare employed in the Anomalous Materials lab  at the Black Mesa research facility in New Mexico. The video game character who overnight made being a geek, wearing really, really bad glasses and sporting face furniture awesome (I’m kinda happy about that) and made us realise that, in all probability, if some disaster was to befall the human race it would most likely be that shy, quiet and kinda nerdy guy that you always try to avoid at the staff Christmas do that would save us all. We think of him as the all-knowing, sure-footed and smart survivor. Able to take on crazy monsters from alternate dimensions, opressive regimes, zombies and really really dumb puzzles involving crates in numbers greater than the actual real world population of such storage containers, he seems the true silent protagonist. 

However, it seems in reality the Free-man is actually more of an everyman. Pissed off because his colleagues are jerks, his employer is “retarded”, rebellious because he doesn’t wear an opressive tie like eveyone else at work, and very, very annoyed at the shoddy construction contractors hired to design and build Black Mesa itself.

He thinks robots are cool, and he is really, really upset by badly-made catwalks.

The following machinima are the start of a crackingly funny series that adds Freeman’s inner dialog to the original classic, Half-Life. I spat fruit juice out of my nose when he came across a faulty door, got it to open half way, celebrated his awesomeness and then with no belief that the door would remain open ran through saying “oooOOOOodon’tkillmedon’tkill me!”

There are seven so far, and I can’t wait to see the rest. Check ’em out. Facebook readers click here to see the vids.

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