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And on the 7th day...

And on the 7th day...

Okay, so I’m a day late, but yesterday was Bungie Day – the 7th of the 7th.

Traditionally, Bungie day is the day fans celebrate the goodness that is Bungie, and usually we get little treats from the good folks themselves. This year is no different.

This year we were treated to free gamerpics on Xbox Live, and also the new multiplayer map Cold Storage – a remake of the Halo: Combat Evolved classic map Chill Out, which is also free. You have to have the Legendary Map Pack to use it, but to soften that requirement the price of the map pack has dropped to 600MS Points. Sweet!

Sadly, as I am a day late with this, the gamerpics have now gone. But the rest is still there 🙂

There is also a fresh instalment of the not-so-regular Bungie Podcast available on Bungie.net – with a very special treat: Jerome, Bungie’s resident man-mountain chief of security is a guest. Man, his voice is awesome. And he wrestled a bear. A BEAR!

And finally, to end on lots of warm and fuzzy Bungie love, itinerant blogger Hawty McBloggy has collected an outpouring of good thoughts and goodly memories from community members and displayed them on her blog – well worth a read.

Next year maybe I’ll do this on time, hmm?


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