Researchers research pointless research projects; hope for funding for ‘does beer make you drunk’ study.

Sea life centers across Europe have started a study to find out if Octopi have a ‘favorite tentacle’ by giving them toys – such as Rubik’s Cubes – to play with.

It is hoped that, with the help of the public as observers, they will be able to shed some light of the pressing issue of ‘handedness’ in wild creatures.  

Claire Little, marine expert at the Sea Life Centre in Weymouth, Dorset, said the study could eventually help to reduce stress among octopuses.

She said: ‘It will be very interesting to see the results.

‘Uniquely, octopuses have more than half their nerves in their arms and have even been shown to partially think with their arms.

‘We hope the study will help the overall well-being of octopuses. They are very susceptible to stress so if they do have a favourite side to be fed on, it could reduce risk to them.”  -Mail Online

The research will be carried out at 23 Sea Life centers in Britiain and across Europe, and the public will aid in the research by  watching how the octopi interact with jam jars, Lego bricks and Rubik’s cubes. They will use a chart on the tank to provide feedback for researchers. 

Meanwhile, in other news, researchers in France have requested funding for a project to determine whether putting a naked woman in a room with a researcher increases job satisfaction.


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