‘tard of the week: man survives fatal shot to head; medics suspect brain damage already present.

It seems that some people are just desperate to be listed in The Darwin Awards .

This weeks “‘tard of the week” story (something that human nature will, no doubt, allow me to continue regularly) goes to Shannon D. Austin from Salina, Kansas.

From Kansascity.com:

“SALINA, Kan: A 36-year-old Salina man survived shooting himself in the head after pulling the trigger of a gun he thought was empty.”

And goes on to explain:

“The shooting occurred when Austin’s neighbor, Michael Urich, stopped by to tell him he had been in a fight at a local bar, police said. Austin fired the revolver — which he thought did not contain any bullets — several times in the air in a show of support for Urich.”

He then turned the gun to his own head, with the expected (albeit dissapointing) results.

And the punchline of the article?

“Austin was treated at a local hospital, where police ticketed him for shooting a firearm within city limits.”

LOL! Only in America…Full story here.


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