Welcome to the dogblog!

I thought I’d start the blog on here as well as on dogsounds.com as this looks a little nicer than ours, and has the handy-dandy tag clouds and all that shit too. Plus I can do a little more than I can on our own blog.

I was going to add all the previous blog posts here, all 90-odd of them, but as there is no way to import them, that ain’t gonna happen. So, without knowing who the fuck we are, what can you expect? 

Well, the dogblog is where iammart and I waffle on about any old shit that takes our interest. Video games, music, comics, weird shit, food, beer, boobs, conspiracy theories…all kinds of stuff.

We also use it to let our fans know about upcoming issues of the webcomic Avoid Spikes, so make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed here to get your fix when we update it (randomly).

Other than that, it’s anything that takes our collective fancy.

If you want to catch up on all our previous news and views, stop by the dogblog on dogsounds.com, or simply stay subscribed here and see what transpires. 


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