DRM-free classic games for less than a fiver? Color me interested.

Like videogames? Like the old classic greats? Hate having to dig out the disks and re-install them then remember al the DRM hassles and trying to find the CD key that’s porbably on the handbook you lost?

That may all be about to change, thanks to a website called GOG.com and a service they are trialling.

Gog.com (Good Old Games) will be offering a download service where you can purchase only the best PC games from the last twenty years safe in the knowlege that you can install them on as many machines as you like, and re-download them as often and whenever you like, at no extra cost. They suggest that they will sell games at $5.99 or $9.99 – almost fuck all in proper Pounds sterling realmoney.

So, if you want to get back into some of your old faves from yesteryear – as I did with Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault last week – go for it. Teach some of these young kids of today with their hi-defs and their surround sounds and whatnot what real games were like:

“Don’t let your kids mock the graphics; remind them that the classics never go out of style, unlike their totally wicked haircut.”

Nuff sed.


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