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Well, after that last lot of crappy films comes a better selection (well, one, but at over 2 hours we’ll count it as a selection). Alex Jones’ Terrorstorm looks at the use of fear to control and direct a population, either to subjugate them or to support a government policy. Full film after the jump.

Terrorstorm – unlike the previous films I presented earlier today – is a clear, concise and logical argument. He starts by discussing known and documented examples of “false flag” operations – operations carried out by a government that are designed to look like they are carried out by an opposing nationality and that are used to further the interests of the government carrying them out. History is littered with such “false flag” operations, and thanks to hard investigation and recently de-classified documentation, more are being revealed.

From the destruction of the Reichstag in 1933 – destroyed at the behest of the Nazi party and blamed on terrorists to increase support for the Nazi party – to the faked Polish attacks on German installations outside Poland (giving the Reich an excuse to invade). From Operation Ajax in Iran in 1953 – A CIA-organized coup that effectively removed the first Iranian democratic (and anti-Communist) leadership primarily because it refused access to it’s oil resources – to the attack on the USS Liberty during the six-day war in 1964 – where Linden Johnson authorised an attack by Israeli planes, bombers and torpedo boats on a U.S. vessel, the USS Liberty (and then point-blank refused to allow any assistance from other U.S. vessels in the area), the idea being that the attack would be blamed on the Egyptians and allow the U.S. to fight alongside Israel against Egypt – securing territory for the U.S. in the Middle East. There are more.

He covers many such “false flag” scenarios – all of which are fully documented and now a matter of public record – as a pretext to illustrate that no government is above the use of scare-tactics against its own people to either raise supprt or enforce mindless obedience. From there, he examines both 9/11 and the London bombings of 7/7, to see if they bear the same, obvious hallmarks of these proven and documented abuses that are recorded in the annals of political history. 

Far from the usual tin-foil hat wearing, badly produced nonsense, this film is a more balanced, level-headed examination of today’s political climate in which we find ourselves, and asks the question: are we being manipulated and led by the nose all over again? And more importantly, are we blind enough to go along with it if we are?   

As always, you know by now that I will remain mute in my opinions. However, I would hope that after watching the film you find yourself repulsed by the stupid, mindless woman in London who is more than happy to beleive that we should all “give up freedom for liberty” (her words, I shit you not) or the American man who will not listen to any argument that goes against his belief that the sun shines out of Dubya’s ass, yet he can’t even remember the phrase “Weapons of Mass Destruction”  three seconds after someone else has said it to him (and is utterly convinced that WMD’s were found in Iraq).

As always, and as Alex says many times, find out for yourself, look at the facts, and make up your own mind. Don’t make assumptions, and don’t pre-judge until you know all the different options. 

God help us all.

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