Sometimes you need to stop and look

With our hectic, worry-filled lives, sometimes it pays to just stop, take a breath and look around us.

There’s a wealth of cool and awesome stuff around us that we never notice, or take the time to scrutinize. Like this little fellow.¬†

I found this little guy in the garden on a sunny day. He was hiding away in his shell, keeping out of the sun, but was kind of exposed to birds and other predators. I couldn’t coax him out of his shell until I grabbed some birdseed from the feeder and tempted him with that. Snails like the seed, they all congregate under the table and come out at dusk to munch on it once al the birds are gone.

He gradually came out to have a look see, and started to snarf the seeds down. Well, it’s a tactic that would work on me…

It was amazing to be able to hear (and feel) him crunching away on the seeds, this tiny, almost weightless creature on my hand, munching slowly, slowly, taking the shell off of the seed. I spent a good half hour just watching him do his thing.

(Before you go eeeeew!, the clump of stuff behind him are the grass seeds, one of which has sprouted)

Eventually he got full and gave up on the seed, preferring to start exploring my hand. I gently put him back in a safe, shady place, so that he was hidden away.

Sometimes, taking a pause to watch or interact with nature is all you need to put things in perspective and to get a good feeling. Go and explore your gardens and find cool little dudes. And when you are done, let them on their way without harm.

Got any interesting pictures of the tiny nature around you? Send them in to web [at] dogsounds [dot] com and we’ll put them up.



  1. Elizabeth from 'Meriker
    Posted July 29, 2008 at 1:15 pm | Permalink | Reply

    hehe, I love that you play outside too! ūüôā
    What a cool litte guy…I totally didn’t know they ate birdseed. I didn’t think they could crunch things! So cool.

  2. Posted July 29, 2008 at 1:22 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Oh yeah, playtime is cool! When we occasionally get a little bit of sun ūüė¶

    Yep, snails have a whole mess of tiny teeth. We used to have acacia bushes in the garden and after rains the snails would come out to feed – and you could sit by the bush and hear all these snails munching away on the flowers and seeds. Quite loud!

    If you have a birdtable – a flat one with something the snails can hide under – then eventually, if you put seed down open and exposed – and assuming you don’t like me have a big fat bastard wood pigeon that hoovers up the whole lot in one go – they should start to collect under the table. We had about thirty or forty under ours, all snoozing till the dusk ūüôā

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