New Avoid Spikes comic online!

Yes, I know, at some point we will have other blog posts too aside from comic strip updates. Darwing these things takes a lot of damn time, you know!

Anyway, the latest strip is up. It was supposed to be a special strip for Mart’s birthday on Tuesday – happy birthday, you old bugger – but my graphics tablet has finally given up the ghost and I am unable to draw. So, for the foreseeable future, until I can afford a new one, I am having to use screenies from Halo.

I hope you don’t mind – it could be a while. But I would rather give you these than no strips at all. Many thanks for your patience. The new strip is here.

P.S. Mart is the blue dude ūüėČ

UPDATE: I’ll be able to add a larger number of strips each week as these don’t take long to do, so rather than post a blog for every one, simply check back every other day or so to see new ones.


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