New Avoid Spikes comic now online!

Yep, the new strip is up.

Cooking. What a waste of time. Why spend three hours cooking when you could spend three hours shooting alien dudes or fighting the Nazi war machine in a comfy chair, followed by the eatings?

You need to tell all your friends about this strip so that I can get hella traffic and start to sell advertising space, make my fortune, and hire a damn chef.

Incidentally, my dear friend Eva really did send me a Bayerische Küche, what a sweetie, and I will hopefully soon attempt some of the heavily meat-based dishes. Thing is, I am stuck on one of the ingredients: three ounces of pig’s head.

Which bit of the head in particular?? Without true knowledge, it could all go horribly awry…

Anyway, you can read the new strip here.


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