No new Avoid Spikes this weekend…snif


So, this little fella to the left is a flu bug. Isn’t he cute? I think he looks kinda sad, a little.

That’s ‘cos he has no friends. Poor little fella.

Now, I have one of these little dudes all to myself. But he is not sad. He’s fuckin’ hoop-la happy because right now he has billions of playmates. In my goddam system.

So after just getting rid of the flu, I got it back this weekend – makes for a great birthday – and consequently there has been no strip drawing-type activity. Instead, there’s a little bit of old artwork up there – a bit of Sax Munro stuff. If I can get another strip done in the next couple of days I will, but if not regular service will be back next Sunday night as normal.

You can catch the art here.

Incidentally, if you have a soft spot for the cute little guy above, you can actually buy him along with a lot of others, here.


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