Man drives Warthog, pees maybe just a little.

Weta Warthog, Halo

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So, when the Halo movie was planned way back when, renowned effects studio Weta set about building props and assorted stuff for the project. What was the coolest thing they built by far, and who got a chance to play with this wonderful toy recently? Find out after the jump!

One thing they built was a full-size, almost-fully-functioning Warthog, the iconic UNSC vehicle that we all know and love. Sadly, the LAAG chain-gun is non-funtional (although the barrels rotate and the whole unit judders to suggest firing when the triggers are pulled), but pretty much everything else that is on this venerable vehicle works – the winch, the four-wheel steering, even the vehicle status displays on the dashboard (which are, rather cleverly, a small LCD photo frame snuggled into the fascia complete with a memory stick port from which it gets animated displays).

We saw it briefly in the video where Bungie’s producer Curtis Creamer taking it for a spin – embarrassingly, into a wall – and in Neil Blomkamp’s rather excellent live-action short to promote Halo 3, “Landfall“.

Now Official Xbox Magazine’s Alistair Wallis has had a chance to ship out to New Zealand to visit Weta and to  – oh, one can only imagine the joy – actually drive the beast. And suit up like a UNSC Marine, complete with Battle Rifle. Read Alistair’s full in-depth article on here. Videos of all three are below.

Alistair, you suck, and I hate you completely.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

OXM take the ‘hog for a spin. Gits. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bungie’s Curtis Creamer drives the beast. YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Neil Blomkamp’s fantastic live-action short, “Landfall”. A tiny hint of what could have been.


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