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strip sketchesSo, we know that a lot of our readers are themselves budding artists, furry or otherwise. And we like to encourage those starting out on their journey of artistic discovery as much as we can.

So, to that end, we have launched dogsounds’ Community Gallery, where anyone is welcome to show off their work and invite feedback from the community. More details after the jump.

We all have to start somewhere. For most of us, we start off pretty bad, and gradually over time learn the ins and outs of drawing. Some may learn through academic study, some (like myself) may just teach ourselves.

But no matter how we develop, one thing that is valuable is praise and feedback. Praise when we do something really cool, and thoughful feedback to help us develop skills and techniques we don’t know about.

dogsounds’ Community Gallery is a venue for everyone and anyone at all to post their own handiwork for the community to digest and admire. You may be right at the start of your artistic journey, and suck ass. Or, you may have been drawing for an age and think you have honed your skills to perfection. Either way, everyone has room to improve and learn, and hopefully the gallery will allow everyone to help each other. Right now the gallery is pretty simple, but who know, one day we might develop it into a fully-funtioning site with accounts and everything! Oorah!

So, if you have art you would like to submit click the “contact dogsounds” link at the top right of the blog homepage (or click here) and send us a note saying you would like to send us art. We’ll reply to you and then you can reply to us with the art attached. A bit clunky, but it stops your art being dumped in the spam folder and deleted if you simply mail it to us out of the blue. Which it will. Remember to include (in your follow up email) the title and any info you want to go up with the picture.

Some basic guidelines for you:

Any style of art is welcome, not just furry art. If you draw it, they will come.

The artwork will remain 100% your intellecutal property. We will have no rights to use or distribute it without your express permission (although we will put an article on the blog if it is awesome).

Fan art for Avoid Spikes or any © dogsounds art is more than allowed. Anything that boosts Foxx’s ego even more is welcomed with open arms. But we will retain all rights to fan art, as, after all, it is our intellectual property 🙂

NO YIFF. We have a very low tolerance for yiff – i.e. 0% – and explicity yiffy submissions will simply be deleted if we deem them inappropriate. Remember, this gallery is open to anyone – including young artists. But if you are not sure, send it anyway – if it is ok, it’ll go up.

We shouldn’t need to explain this, but any racist/slanderous/bigoted/generally offensive material will be deleted if we deem it inappropriate. This is an art gallery, not a soapbox. We have no problem with swearing – fuck it, we do that all the time – but if your art causes offence to others then it will be deleted or removed.

Everyone is invited to comment on the art of others, as that is kind of the point, but please keep it civil and thoughtful. The idea is to share knowledge and give learners the courage to strive to improve. Praise good work, and offer thoughtful advice where you can see someone has a knowledge gap in their skillset. Bear in mind that comment approval by us is mandatory, so any offensive or hurtful comments will simply never reach the gallery page.

And above all else, have fun! We want our followers to make this a home of their own. Eventually, if interest if high enough, we might develop a proper site where you can have your own pages or accounts, but let’s wait and see how we go.

We look forward to seeing your stuff – bring it on!


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