Retard Of The Week: Idiot thinks Xbox is worth $1 million.

whinyOh, for fuck’s sake.

Here’s another one of those stories that reinforces my firm belief that we are all doomed. Here’s this year’s most inane and dumb lawsuit yet, from, you guessed it, the good old U.S. of A. Where else?

Seems 21year-old Yale student Jesse Maiman decided that the best, safest and most efficient way to transport his Xbox 360 to Cincinnati was not throuh a secured and assured shipping company, who offer things like, you know, insurance, but rather through the airline check-in luggage. You know, where surly baggage handlers throw shit in the belly of the plane willy-nilly, and delicate stuff is guaranteed to fall off of the luggage buggy.

This fact alone makes the guy kind of an idiot. But what is more moronic is that when he arrived, the console and all it’s bits had dissappeared – and were never seen again. As a result, this fool is now suing the airline for $1 million.

$1 fucking million.

Let’s break this down. A console worth a few hundred dollars at most is lost, and he sues for that much?

He claims that the console had a “specialised hard drive”. What the hell is a specialised hard drive? What the fuck was it specialised for? Did it carry the secret plans to the International Space Station or something? Did it have proof of extraterrestrial life on it, or the cure for Alzheimer’s or something? Was it made of diamonds?

So let’s assume the console is a standard console. with a standard hard drive, and standard accessories. What takes the suit to $1 million? Does losing a few year’s worth of games saves equal let’s say $999,500? What kind of whiny-ass, annoying little weasel is this man?

“That thing was my DVD player” he has said. So what? You and everyone else, bub. Doesn’t  mean shit.

If this gets through and he gets more than the console is worth, I swear that we as a civilisation are doomed to wipe ourselves out.

People like this engender my ire. Ask for $500 and shut the fuck up.

Original story here.


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  1. Posted March 11, 2009 at 11:00 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Lmao, I agree, when I read that I was speechless. Losing an Xbox 360 = suing for $1 million? That’s simply stupid, the guy is just trying to be an opportunist >_>

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