BigDog gets the horn

Ah, BigDog. You  weird, awesome and ever-so-slightly unnerving quadrupedal robot designed by Boston Dynamics. How you grow and develop.

Every time we see you unceremoniously booted by one of the tech geeks we feel for you, and want to boot him back. Even though you make us feel kinds crawly and afraid of the oncoming robot armageddon that you herald.

But no more! BigDog now has, rather amusingly, a fine set of horns to impale and gore any would-be kickers. You know, I really like the sense of humor of these guys. Also below is a funny little film…I admit I was about thirty seconds in before I realised what was going on…facebook readers click here  to see the films.

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Original article at Io9


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