Life after people

Life After People

 What would happen if every human being on Earth just suddenly disappeared? What would happen to our cities and towns, our buildings and structures, without humans there to maintain them? Would anything be left behind to reveal to some far-distant civilisation of some sort of creature that we ever even existed? Find out after the jump.

The following is a fascinating (and somewhat sobering) look at what would happen if such an unlikely even occurred, based on current knowledge of the nature of decay, structural engineering, biology, nature and the way in which mother nature reclaims territory (hint: aggressively). How long would power stay on for? How long would a car last? Would skyscrapers remain standing? How do the rigid and seeingly permanent structures we build hold up when we are not there to keep them in working order? The film looks at what might happen after one day, ten days, one year, five years, ten, fifty, all the way up to 100,000 years after people.

Most haunting is about half way through where the film examines what has happened in the last thirty years in Pripyat, Ukraine (the infamous “ghost town” of the Chernobyl disaster is one of the few examples available of a true abandoned location that serves as a test-bed for what happens when no one is around). Slightly jarring when one of the experts commenting was speaking almost verbatim from Call Of Duty 4: “Fifity thousand people used to live here Now it’s a ghost town.”

Have a watch of this thought-provoking and very arresting film. Facebook readers click here to see the video.

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