New Avoid Spikes comic now online!

Avoid Spikes, dogsounds, Martin & Wolf, webcomic, furry, Fallout 3So, you can’t imagine the internal battle that raged in my GRATE BRANE to get the strip up today. Seriously, all I wanted to do was get up, get a coffee, do some natrual processes, and play Fallout 3. All day.

Hey, there’s people in the Capital Wastelands depending on me, man.

But, I have a three-day weekend this weekend, so I guess I still get two solid days to hang out in the future and shoot the extras from Mad Max. And I still  haven’t found Dogmeat yet (don’t tell me, I want the surprise).

Anyhoo, fire up your Pip-Boy, smoothskin, and catch this week’s strip right here, for only twenty bottlecaps or a pack of Mentats.  

“Don’t hit me!”


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