New Avoid Spikes comic now online!

dogsounds, Avoid Spikes, Foxx Wolf, Martin & Wolf, furry, webcomic, XBox 360, RRODYes, I know I have used this image on the left before, but this week’s strip is a single-panel affair, so I can’t make a teaser image out of it.

So my 360 died (another RROD on the back of a dodgy DVD drive) and I now have a spanky new Elite to replace it.

I thought perhaps I would be clear of future RRODs now that current motherboards have the Jasper confirguration – both the GPU and the CPU at 65nm, and cooler. But it looks like I have an earlier Falcon unit that has been sat around on the store shelf – so only the CPU is 65nm. Which sucks, seeing that it is the original hot ‘n’ spicy 90nm GPU overheating its motherboard and cracking the connections that causes the RROD.

I guess we will wait and see how long this one lasts, and then maybe I’ll get a Jasper. On the plus side, at least I have HDMI now, which looks sweet.  

Call 1-800 MYXBOX and we’ll send you a box and sticker so you can catch this week’s strip right here


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