No new Avoid Spikes this weekend, or next

dogsounds, Avoid Spikes, sad faceSo, there’ll be no ‘Avoid Spikes’ this weekend. A thoroughly enjoyable (and utterly knackering) paintball day yesterday and personal commitments today mean there isn’t time. And I took a paintball to the thumb of all places  – the thumb –  which means drawing is not too easy at the moment. I also took a very painful shot to the neck that left me with a rather embarrassing bruise, which, if I wasn’t the charming and aloof batchelor that I am, would have raised some very diffcult questions…

I’ll try and get one drawn up during the week sometime if I can. And a heads-up, I’m away next weekend so same sitch there I am afraid. Normal service should be resumed in a couple of weeks.

See you on the other side!


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