Geek time!


It’s geek-out time here again at dogsounds towers, and here are two little treats for your inner geek. Remember, the laws of physics cause geeks and nerds to repel, so nerds need not apply. Jump right in after the…uh…jump.

Firstly, a charming and mesmerising interactive journey from the world of the macro – our everyday world – to the world of the quantum, with the Nanoreisen “adventure beyond the decimal”. With quiant and charming sounds and a very subtle and delicate sense of humor, this interactive flash animation takes you from the everyday – a mosquito, a laptop, a car headlight- to the world of the quantum. And includes a very lost and confused-looking mite.

Experience it for yourself here and note the extra level of geek topping in the subtle Star Wars sound effects. The site offers an update service to keep you informed af further adventures to be had. Sadly, you may be waiting for physicists to actually discover the updates first.

Secondly, a fascinating short video that demonstrates something that, go on, you know you have always wondered: just what exactly does happen when you fire a particle accelerator at a webcam?  Haven’t you? Not even a bit?  Wow, you are so a rubbish geek. Sure you’re not a nerd in denial? As ever, facebook readers will have to click here to see the video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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