CBS 60 Minutes: Swine Flu shots scandal – 1976

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The world apparently on the threshold of a Swine Flu pandemic. Millions could be at risk. No one is safe. Governments positioning themselves for mass enforced vaccination programs. Ever get that hit of “I’m sure I’ve been here before”?

You should do, at least in the U.S.

You have been here before. Except last time, one person died, a handful of unconfirmed cases were noted around the world, and the U.S. government forced millions to take enforced flu shots.  

Oh, and one other difference – that time, the CDC was fully aware that that particular strain of the vaccine had not been tested as safe for humans and could lead to severe neurological disorders, paralysis, and even death. Thing is, they kinda forgot to mention this to the 46 million people that were forced to take the shot.

The above CBS 60 minutes film was broadcast once in 1976, and then never seen again. Until now, when it has ben unearthed. It’s quite satisfying to watch the former head of the CDC squirming when he denies ever being told of the risks, only to then be confronted with one of his staffers stating “well, actually, you knew because I told you so.” Fucker.

So, when the government tells you that you must take the shot to stave off the risk of death, make your own decision. But remember this and my earlier posts. And don’t think for one minute that your government isn’t capable of putting your life at risk by feeding you with propaganda and not quite giving you the full picture.

Me? I think I’ll pass and take my chances.

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