Alex Jones shoots self in foot; inserts into mouth

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Oh, Alex Jones. That decibel-heavy, shouty loud protester of all things New World Order and conspiracy. Many people dig a good conspiracy theory; many people seek the truth where they feel there are lies. But not all charge for their services. And for those that pay for such services, they expect, well, from a self-confessed truthseeker, the truth. Funny that.

So what has the internet’s number one cause of earache done to illicit the ire of may conpiracy theorists and truth seekers around the world? Find out after the jump!

While brash, loud and usually utterly annoying, Jones does seem to go out of his way to chase down truths and misdeeds as aggressively as possible – often with a bullhorn as a tool – with the apparent intent of educating the mindless masses out of their torpor.

From time to time he does seem to come up with some good points. And, of course, as befitting any web host who has a message that despeartely needs to get to the ears of the public at any cost lest they be blinded by government misdirection and sleight of hand this information can be found in handy-dandy purchaseable items such as books and DVDs. A guy’s gotta eat, right?

So over the last few days the buzz has been built up with an announcement from Jones that (and I paraphrase here):


So, understandably, with Jones’ overbearing reputation for fighting for the common man, people watched and waited.

What did they get?

They were presented with a transcript of an interview granted to Charlie Sheen by President Barack Obama, in which Sheen harangues and cajoles the POTUS about 9/11 and the lies surrounding it. Think of it as a 21st Century version of David Frost grilling Nixon about Watergate. Quite impressive. The Pres. himself comes off as a bit of a jerk, ducking the issue and patting Sheen on the head like an annoying puppy.

Quite groundbreaking you think? A testament to Jones’ common man spirit and journalistic ability?

Well, actually, no. Not in the slightest. A testament to Jones’ ability to shill, deceive and misrepresent, in the name of site traffic, most likely. See, about an hour and a half after the interview transcript was posted, it was pulled. Then reposted with a slight addition: right at the bottom, after you have read the whole thing and believed every word, is the tiniest of disclaimers: 

Author’s Note: What you have just read didn’t actually happen… yet.

This is an open letter to the President requesting a new investigation.

Charlie Sheen.

So, in essence, what you have now just wasted 10 minutes reading is utter and complete bullshit. Fan-fiction from a Z-list celeb that no-one alive actually gives a fuck about, and of no greater value than someone posting on in the Skunkworks forum on saying that they are a Zeta Reticulan here to warn us of impending doom.

What this faux interview does  – apart from open Jones up to the possibility of libel lawsuits from the Whitehouse – is reinforce, to the common man, that a) all conpiracy theorists are nutjobs; b) Jones is an ass of the highest order and is simply fawning like a schoolgirl because he knows a faded celeb; and c) this was the most underwhelming piece of faux-journalism in the history of bullshit.

Whatever credibility Jones may have had before is now shot to pieces. He is no more than your typical tinofoiler, except he probably has a nice car and house thanks to you buying his material. And a bullhorn.

If any of his work ever was valid or correct before, well, that’s gone now.

Jones is purported to have stated that the reason for the lie was a psy-ops tactic to get the mainstream media to pick up the story and get the important questions about 9/11 raised into the public consciousness. Unfortunately, presenting the article as genuine with a big hoo-haa and then only confessing an hour and a half later in a tiny tiny postscript (so missable that even most of the commenters on the article missed it) that it is a work of fiction invalidates the entire thing, effectively calls those who believed it fools, and more egregiously risks the dismissal of all of the points that Sheen raises in his faux-grilling. “This is all a matter of public record, reported through mainstream media, painstakingly fact checked and verified” he states. Well, unfortunately, because the interview is a lie, this statement rings hollow – nothing in the article can therefore be trusted, and most people will investigate no further.

As one reader comments at the end of the article: 

“Wait a minute. All that hype for an imaginary interview with Obama? About 9-11? About Sheen going on the Alex Jones show presenting evidence WE ALREADY KNOW? I’m a believer but I DON”T like being sucked into a “News at 11″ teaser.”

Oh, Alex. Time to shut the fuck up and go get a job, I guess, What a cockbollock.

In case you require proof, here is the original posting of the interview sans disclaimer, that most people assumed was the real deal, thankfully saved by a canny member at ATS. 

Jones gets an honorary “Retard Of The Week” tag on this article for being such a dick.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I am not a disinfo agent in the employ of some shadowy government enclave. I’m far too hopeless for such shenanigans like that.

UPDATE: a half-assed missive has been posted on Jones’ sister site,, addressing the issue. It includes:

“Separately, a few other blogs were up in arms about Sheen’s letter being a “hoax” because the disclaimer clarifying that the meeting with Obama was a stylized fictional account and not a real event did not get added to the bottom of the article until a little later due to technical snafus and a bombardment of traffic that shut down servers and locked out Infowars and Prison Planet webmasters. With the Infowars version having been copied across from Prison Planet, both original versions did not contain the disclaimer until the error was brought to our attention and promptly fixed as soon as we could gain access to servers that kept crashing, as many readers noted at the time. We added the disclaimer as soon as possible as well as other information that should have been included at the bottom of the original article regarding Sheen’s appearance on the show. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and are trying to move our servers in house to prevent this routine occurrence from happening again.”

That’s no moon apology. Nor is it a believable excuse. Firstly, we are expected to believe that after over apparently many, many hours of perparation for the whole week’s events, someone misses out a line of text? Then we are expected to believe that the demand on the sites causes overload so that the updated article could not be corrected. I don’t think so. Research has revealed the hosting for both sites is outsourced and of a nature that is specifically designed to avoid such scenarios for high-traffic sites. Plus, it would have taken all of a few seconds to add the line, re-upload the page file and voila! no one is the wiser, and this cold have been done the moment the original upload went live. You show me someone who writes and article, puts it on the web and he doesn’t read through it? Even the most modest of writers reads through the published piece to make sure it all came out ok (and to get a little tickle to the ego – don’t deny it). Lastly, it does not explain why someone so dedicated to freedom of speech would cull negative comments on forums (as has been reported by many posters) and why comments are now turned off on all articles on Prisonplanet. He wants free speech for all, but not when you might be critical, obviously.

And one last nail in the coffin – if this had been my mistake, you know what I would have done? Included an apology or explanaton there and then, maybe even with the disclaimer that was added. But no, we get a very subtle and seemingly reluctant apology the next day, amidst self-congratulatory boasting.

I call foul. My gut feeling is still wilful deception to raise traffic and hits – not to break the story. 




  1. nader paul kucinich gravel
    Posted September 9, 2009 at 1:50 am | Permalink | Reply

    Truther or liar?
    InfoWars on a PrisonPlanet

    Anderson Baldwin Carter Choate Clemente Gonzalez Gravel Kaptur Kucinich McKinney Nader Paul Perot Sheehan Ventura

  2. Posted September 9, 2009 at 3:12 am | Permalink | Reply

    I think you are a bit too harsh on Jones and Sheen both. I think this is a marvelously creative way to get the subject public exposure and debate (which it richly deserves). I support and applaud their courage, conviction, commitment and dedication to getting to the bottom of what happend on 9/11/2001.

  3. Posted September 9, 2009 at 10:52 am | Permalink | Reply

    Way to totally ignore the contents of sheen’s letter. You spent 2 pages bitching like a little simp and said nothing.

    It’s not about personalities, I’d take my news off of a retarded crackhead bum if he linked to mainstream news stories and backed up everything he said with documentation, as Jones does. Sheens letter is bulletproof. There’s a bibliography for it with links that’s multiple pages long.

    I’m blogging on this story too, except I’m really covering this story like a real journalist, not engaging in ninnying distractions.

  4. Posted September 9, 2009 at 6:24 pm | Permalink | Reply

    @ Chris: I think you miss my point entirely. My article is not about the content of the “open letter”. The questions Sheen puts forward are valid and important, I don’t disagree.

    However, they are also old news and more than well known, and not of any interest to me in the scope of this article.

    My focus is on knowledgeable deceit. The deceit – that this was an actual interview – which was maintained for the first 90 minutes – is unprofessional, childish, and most likely illegal (in terms of libel law).

    Jones has done good work – I don’t disagree with that either. His loud agressive method can help to engage those who are not familiar with his subject matter. However, it is also important to bear in mind that outside the world of conspiracy theorists this approach also makes him (to the mainstream media and a large chunk of the population who do not have the ability to queston the mainstream) a joke with no influence – a loud, comedic buffoon not worthy of any attention – this is also not helped by the fact that his site exists (to them) more to sell product and make money than get a message across.

    The issue at hand is that regardless of his true intentions – we may never know – to the MSM and outsiders he will have simply reinforced their existing beliefs that conspiracy theorists are crazy loons and can be ignored. By default, such a person who holds this belief would also then view the material itself with the same disregard, and the questions – impotrant questions – that the interview brings up wold be dismissed also.

    If Jones’ intention was to bring his facts and thoughts to a wider, mainstream audience, he has failed. That mainstream audience will now be laughing and saying “what a jerk”.

    His psy-op tactic failed miserablly, and smacks of nothing more than a cheap attempt to drive traffic to his site and make more money. Such a tactic suggests his motiveations a merely financial, not for the greater good, no matter how loud he shouts. And given that he is the loudest voice of the CT world, it is a terrible backwards step to anyone who genuinely wants these questions answered.

    Finally, such a lie is stooping to the level of those that he accuses of misdeeds and foul play. I cannot support nor give credence to someone who uses such deceit on their followers. There are many other ways this cold have been done that do not involve lying to the people who pay for his house, his car, and all the nice things he owns. See my point?

    Finally, if this mede up open letter is “the most profound and amazing thing he has ever done”, then I’m afraid that does not say much for all his work that has preceded it. I could write that in five minutes.

    IN closing, think of it this way: Imagine if this “open letter” had been printed (without the disclaimer) in a major mainstream print outlet like the Washington Post or the NYT or some such. And then was revealed to be fictional the next day. Would you applaud the newspaper? No. You would watch as the newpaper got its ass sued and editors were politey but firmly fired.

    The content of the letter is irrelevant to this article. The method employed to showboat it are not. That’s my issue. A dick move is a dick move whether your wear a black hat or a white hat.

    And one last final though: I will always trust someone who tells me a fact and shows me the evidence at no charge; I will never trust someone who has to sell me a book or a DVD to do educate me.

  5. Spike
    Posted October 6, 2009 at 1:45 am | Permalink | Reply

    Ok lets just say Alex Jones is the Shit of the Earth.
    Alex Jones isnt taking away our standard of living.
    Alex Jones isnt poisoning us with cancerous vaccinations.
    Alex Jones isnt consolidating all the wealth and taking it.
    Who cares if Alex Jones is loud and crazy? It’s about the information. His POINTS seem valid. Who knows, I may be the crazy one, only time will tell.

  6. Posted September 12, 2009 at 3:52 am | Permalink | Reply

    It seems by your own words and attitudes that you have fallen into the trap as well. Your self appointed aragants is here for all to see. Don’t feel bad though, many bigger fish fell for it as well. The initial 20 minutes with the President was merely a humble and subtle way to bring forth the truth about 9-11, and sit back and wait for all the pundents(who thought that they could squash this story simply) did not research adequately before they open their mouths and planted both feet. One day you and others will finally see what is happening, but I pray it is not to late to save the country or the millions of lives that are at stake!

  7. Posted September 12, 2009 at 2:33 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I think you also misunderstand my aim with this article: again, my intent is not whether the facts of 9/11 are true or fals, or whether this was a conspiracy or not.

    My intent is to point out that lying to make your point is wrong, an abuse, and unjustified. It also waters down any serious message – which is the most harmful thing.

    I have not stated my opinion on 9/11 – that I will keep to myself. I am more than able to see what is happening, but again, that was not the focus of this article.

    No research is required to see a lie, a misdirection or a blatantly obvious attempt to boost ratings.

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