Get dogsounds music right here lets!

Why did I stop composing? And would you like some free music?

You know what? I haven’t written a single piece of music for a number of years. My synthesizers sit here, quietly gathering dust. I lost the spark; an inquisitive sense of inventiveness stemming from years of listening to Jarre and Vangelis and others fuelled a desire to write my own music. I had no training, no musical education. I just wanted to have fun. And I did. Find out what happened to that spirit (and get free music) after the jump.

But as my listening tastes changed  – from electronica to orchestral film and game soundtracks, from electronic to acoustic, so too did my compositional style. I found myself trapped in musical cuffs. As I listened to less and less synth and more orchestra, I found myself being cornered into writing music that demanded a more orchestral sound. I lost the innovative, adventurous spirit of “make up a cool sound and mix it with others” and ended up with “I can only add soft strings and a low french horn under that rhythm”. And the fact that I was demanding faux-orchestral realism from equipment that could not do it as well as I wanted hemmed me in further. I went from inventing random shapes to verse, chorus, verse, chorus.

Eventually, these barriers defeated me, and I stopped. Right in my tracks, just stopped, like some creature on a great migration who knows he has reached the end and there is no further path to walk. The spark had been whittled away, replaced by constraints demanded by the orchestration I had imposed upon myself. I tried to return to more electronic stylings, but that fluency, that language of sound architecture has left me. I found myself simply tweaking built-in sounds, without the will or desire to create my own (adding to this was the fact that the gradual change of synthesizers over the years – from instant result twiddly knobs and sliders to “plan in advance and build accordingly” DAC controls – stifled the creativity evermore).

So, here I stand, no idea if I will ever compose again. Not that I was particularly good, mind, nothing special I am sure. But at least I put one album together. That’s something.

And seeing as the only sales of my album were, pretty much to me, family members and mates (although this is fine – I did it because I loved it, not because I wanted to sell lots of CDs) I’m thinking:  fuck it. Here’s my music. Download it. Enjoy it. If you like it, feel free to offer some support by buying  the CD if you wish (the booklet has a funny story). But there is no pressure. Your choice.

Of course, it’s still my  music, so please don’t sell it. Copyright and all that.

More than anything else, I simply hope you enjoy it. And, if just one person out there can hear it and be inspired to write their own music as a result, then I am happy. My work here will be done.

To download the tracks for yourself, right click on the titles and save as.

Kokoarrah Dawn:

Dream Freedom:

sa mo do do:

Russian Microtheme:

Jinxy, Tinkle & Mush:

Requiem: Titanic:

K’s Theme:

Harbor City:


A Waltz For Naseem:

Altrincham F.C. Official Theme:

Sinfonia to Cantata no. 29:

Brandenburg Concerto 3, first Allegro:

Brandenburg Concerto, second Allegro:

kleine Bär:

Kokoarrah Dusk:



  1. Posted January 31, 2014 at 9:49 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Oh wow! This has made my day.
    Allow me to explain.

    A good few years ago I downloaded this obscure but wonderful track called Moogalicious from the 3 mobile phone network’s old music store app (I believe it was in the unsigned bands section, where I also downloaded the first demo from the now-famous Cocknbull Kid) and I have been playing it to people and giving them the ultimate earworm ever since. We whistle it all the time at work, absolutely top tune. I also have the Altrincham FC tune and the truly epic and gorgeous Kokoarrah Dawn.

    Fast forward several years and I started a blog, Diary of an Internet Nobody, on WordPress. I also started mucking about – despite having no musical talent whatever – on PocketBand,a loop making app on my phone (on which I do EVERYTHING – blog, music, animation, photography and video) and I have a Soundcloud page with my experiments in unhinged sonic nonsense.

    So imagine my delight when I was doing some blog research today and discover that I share a blogging platform with the great Dogsounds himself.

    I am currently writing a post on ’80s synth pop and I was looking for Moogalicious on YouTube so I could use it in connection with a bit about the invention of the synthesizer.
    Would it be ok if I use a link to the mp3 page of your deeply groovy tune instead?

    In case you’re interested, (and because I’d be honoured if you’d check it out) here’s the link to my Soundcloud –

    Yours in anticipation,

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