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You know the most annoying thing about shit video games? No, not that developers make them from time to time. No, not that publishers sometimes hobble the developers with constraints that result in said shit game. It’s when crap like Tony Hawk Ride come out.

It’s when developers attach a goddam peripheral to the game and sell it for £bazillion. A peripheral that is absolutely no use whatsoever with any other game (or, in fact, it is fair to say, the fucking game it shipped with). And what makes Tony Hawk Ride even worse?

It’s a franchise that has been going down the toilet for years, and it seems everyone except Activision and Tony Hawk can see this. The saddest thing about this game is not that people forked out a fortune for a pile of crap, but Hawk’s response to the overwhelming slamming of the game: he declared that everyone decided to hate it before they had even played it.

No, dear. It’s just a shit game.

Catch this week’s blisteringly critical strip right here, but only if you have your licenced dogsounds strip-viewing glasses with patented seeing-o-vision installed.   


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