This week’s Avoid Spikes comic now online!

So, another week comes and goes and another strip goes up.

You know, sometimes I look at the almost child-like personality of Foxx and think, from time to time, that to actually live life through those eyes – with an eternal and perpetual sense of wonderment at everything – would be awesome. But, sadly, we don’t have the option. Ah well, never mind. On with the grind, I guess.

This week, Mart is busy doing SCIENCE! in his super-secret secret lab and has discovered a way that may just allow him to give Foxx more intelligence – maybe even as much as half a wit. Maybe.

Thoroughly analyse this week’s crenellated and slightly squidgy strip here.  



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    ura fukwit

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      Well, thank you.

      However, I feel I have a duty of care to point out that in submitting your *totally anonymous* feedback, you were dumb enough to include you email address ( ) on the feedback form. You should probably learn what ‘anonymous’ really means (as well as learn to spell and construct a basic English sentence).


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