Something Funny Happened On The Way To The Moon

Friend of the dogblog Sara Howard has published her second book, “Something Funy Happened On The Way To The Moon”, available now, so we thought we’d give it a shoutout.

We interviewed Sara last year about her work on the Apollo Space Program.  Apollo was  the greatest achievement in the history of mankind and planet Earth and its remarkable story is dramatically told by Sara, one of two women to have worked on the Saturn V as an aerospace engineer. This uplifting story documents the race to space that first sent Americans to the moon in 1969 from the viewpoint of those people actually building the dream.

What mankind achieved with Apollo should not be forgotten, and this book helps shed light on part of the story you never really get to hear about.

You can get Sara’s book direct from the publisher or on Amazon if you prefer.

Sara’s first book, ‘The Biggest Explosions In The Universe’ is available from Amazon.


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