Who are dogsounds?

What do we do? dogsounds is a tiny collective (i.e. two guys) who like to futz around with stuff.  We have a weekly web comic, ‘Avoid Spikes’ – follow Foxx and Mart in their battles with will and intellect, with worldly wise insight from videogames to politics, popular culture to science… and food and boobs. Catch Avoid Spikes here. There’s the dogblog – i.e. what you are reading now – which is our way to pass on interesting, funny or downright weird shit that we find, as well as give our bitter and twisted opinion of videogames, films and anything else that takes our fancy. And we also used to write music in a style we like to call retro-electronica, and you can sample or buy it here: dogsounds music.


 Foxx is replete with talent of unconstrained proportions: besides being a top-notch cartoonist, he can also do other stuff.

Born in Manchester, England, to an expectant world too many years ago for him to mention much, he has certainly grown to be bigger than he was. Even at school, he was known as “that boy what draws animals”, but was frustrated by his ‘art’ teacher who thought that his work was too ‘graphic design-ey’. Ha! My arse.  He was inspired when young by the likes of Richard Scarry, Goscinny & Uderzo, Hergé, and in his later years by Art Spiegelman, Benoit Sokal, Steve Purcell and Eric Schwartz. Some of these influences reveal themselves in his style…

His interests are mutually co-ordinated to avoid doing any significant work on any of them. Other works-in-progress (!) include the weekly comic strip Avoid Spikes, albums of synth music, and getting 100,000 gamerscore. Only about 90,000 to go.

After launching a failed ‘going nowhere’ online graphic novel ‘Sax Munro – Tales From Harbor City’, Foxx lapsed into a creative wasteland (i.e. he got an Xbox and got distracted) for many years, and then without warning or alcohol came up with the idea for Avoid Spikes. So far it’s a bloody miracle he is still doing it, so we’ll just leave him to it.

Foxx is happiest chowing on a Pot Noodle. However, his culinary skills don’t get past the kettle, and he can’t open the door on the washing machine (he says that he was never shown how to use it).  Mart


 In the heady world of HTML, tea with no sugar, and soft cheeses, Mart reigns supreme.

Born to parents (apparently) in Manchester, England, the World, the Universe, behind the water pipes, Martin was, from an early age, very small. However, he eventually grew out of this. Martin was the essential ‘fiddler’, and also liked taking stuff to bits. As I write, he is decimating my mobile phone…

When not busy gazing up at the stars, or carrying out strange and disheartening genetic experiments, he oftentimes likes to mooch about in the domain of circuits and twiddly knobby things. Ongoing projects include: his PC mk III IV V VI VII  (oh dear), a plasma ball of military potential, and a real, honest-to-goodness Theremin. Despite this natural knack for electronics, he still has flashbacks of defeat by a Radio Shack FM tuner kit.

Martin collapsed into the world of computers by…um, I just asked him and he doesn’t know. He is self-taught in more than three different things about computing.

Contrary to any rumors, Martin is definitely NOT Dilbert. He has been seen drinking BEER, swearing, emitting noises of dubious origin, and ‘unwittingly’ coming into contact with various soft and fleshy parts of women of the opposite sex. Martin is also throughly smitten with the way of the noodle.

Being a highly motivated and dedicated fool, Martin has provided all the technical ‘stuff’ for the site, without which this would all be a lot of pictures on my hard drive. He is available for weddings, parties and Barmitzvahs. But he doesn’t do the balloon-dog thing. Apparently. Foxx


Visit dogsounds.com. Do it. Do it now.



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    I love your site. Keep it up !

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    I have enjoyed your blog, thank you,

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    I like you comics, they are very funny. Thank you for commenting and checking out my artwork 😀

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