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Halo Reach: Once More Unto The Breach

Bungie release the first ViDoc for Halo: Reach, and what we see makes us moist with anticipation.


New Avoid Spikes comic now online!

In this week’s ‘Avoid Spikes’, Foxx faces something he cannot begin to comprehend. And she’s four years old.

New Avoid Spikes comic online!

In this week’s “Avoid Spikes”, Foxx plays around with ODST’s VISR mode.

We are ODST

“We are ODST”, the breathtaking live-action short advertising Halo 3: ODST.

E3 2009: Microsoft E3 press conference missing only fluffy kittens

dogsounds breaks down the Microsoft E3 press conference for all the juicy tit-bits.

Man drives Warthog, pees maybe just a little.

This man got to drive a real-life UNSC Warthog, and we hate him.

Bungie Christmas Tribute

An awesometacular Heath Robinsonian (Rube Goldbergish) tribute to Bungie, created in Halo 3’s Forge.

Avoid Spikes – update

Martin & Wolf’s webcomic “Avoid Spikes” is still awaiting a new graphics tablet, and so is still running on vapors of Halo 3 screenshots. There’s been a few updates, go check them out!


Bungie releases the mysterious clue-laden teaser for its next Halo 3-based project: KEEP IT CLEAN!

New Avoid Spikes comic online!

Foxx fails to finish Mart’s birthday comic strip before his graphics tablet dies. The strip will continue, but for a while you’ll have to put up with Halo 3 screenshots, as I have no way to draw. Loaded with fail!

Oops, my bad…

Sometimes a cunning plan just plum fails. This cool forward-thinking grenade throw into a grav lift becomes a weak team kill. See how I realise this and slowly back away… .