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This week’s Avoid Spikes comic now online!

In this week’s ‘Avoid Spikes’, Foxx takes a little time out to meet a tiny creature.


Why our world may actually be nothing but a hologram

Some clever folks have done SCIENCE! in their BRAINS and have come to the conclusion that we may be living in a hologram. Or something. Apparently. Truth be told, we’re not really sure.

New Avoid Spikes comic now online!

In this week’s ‘Avoid Spikes’, we find that flakes naturally attract.

Yup, we’re still all pretty much screwed. Maybe.

Forget supervolcanoes, tsunamis and asteroid impacts. If we’re talking end-of-the-wolrd, gamma-ray bursts are the shit.

New Avoid Spikes comic now online!

This week, David Attenborough visits Avoid Spikes to study the feeding habits of the Foxx.

Science, Carl Sagan and dancing weasels, oh my!

Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye and Stephen Hawking set to music, beautifully. Oh, and some weasels.

Life after people

Life After People is an arresting film examining what would remain to tell our story if human beings simply vanished from existence.

New Avoid Spikes comic now online!

In this weeks’ ‘Avoid Spikes’, Foxx decides to prepare in case Yellowstone erupts and wipes out civilisation. Like you do.

New Avoid Spikes comic now online!

Sometimes an opportunity is too good to resist, as Martin finds out in this week’s “Avoid Spikes”.

Another mythical creature confirmed as true!

dogsounds provides the world’s first evidence of a mythical creature long believed non-existent.

Sometimes you need to stop and look

A tiny dude joined me for lunch in the garden.

Look up!

Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn’s photomontage “A Scenic Night In Binbrook”

I can watch this stuff for hours

A lawn bee does it’s diggy little thing.

Global Dimming: We are still all pretty much fucked

More scary-mary stuff for you to watch. I like being a portent of doom.

Warning! So much cute your head may asplode!

Just been sent all these pictures  – they show rescue efforts at the Wolong National Reserve in China, the day after the earthquake. I thought that just this once I would do something cute and post them for you. However, if your brain asplodes as a result of too many “aww” moments, then my dark […]