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1/2 million US pager messages from 9/11 posted online

Wikileaks publishes over half a million pager messages sent in the US on September 11, 2001.


Alex Jones shoots self in foot; inserts into mouth

Alex Jones, “mouthpiece of the people”, makes a complete and utter twat of himself by pretending a made up piece of fan-fiction by Z-list celeb Charlie Sheen is an honst-to-goodness interview about 9/11 with Barack Obama.

MP Anthony Steen: you’re a twat, shut the fuck up.

Conservative MP Anthony Steen proves himself to be an utter, utter clusterfuck and arrogant, out-of-touch twat in less than two minutes.

Obama’s Nowruz Message to Iran

Barack Obama sends a Nowruz message to the people of Iran.

The Americans With No Abilities Act

Washington , DC – (Dateline February 18, 2009)

President Barack Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress are considering sweeping legislation that will provide new benefits for many Americans. The Americans With No Abilities Act (AWNAA) is being hailed as a major legislative goal by advocates of the millions of Americans who lack any real skills or ambition.

The Joy Of Bush

dogsounds examines George W. Bush’s one and only positive contribution to the entire fucking world.

Frost/Nixon: the real Watergate interview

David Frost interviews former President Richard Nixon in one of the most powerful and important political interviews of the Twentieth Century.


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US Presidential Debate 2008 – round 1

The first round of the not-particularly-a-monkey-shit-fight that is the Presidential Debate 2008. Let’s hope it gets more interesting over the coming weeks.

US bail-out – everybody happy?

Republican Marcy Kaptur cries foul over the $700 billion bail-out plan that is being debated as we speak.

The Law, Your Camera, And You

We are constantly filmed every day. But when it is the public doing the filming, the law seems to not like it quite so much. Asinine examples follow.

Loose Change – Final Cut full film, counterpoints

The final cut of Loose Change, the acclaimed 9/11 conspiracy examination, and critiques of the film which bring into question some of its conclusions.

Downing Street admits sense of humor, Tories sulk like a child.

Downing Street responds to a petition to install Jeremy Clarkson as Prime Minister.

Google Maps blanks out Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia

Why does Google Maps have no road map data at all for Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan?

More things for you to think about

Alex Jones’ film “Terrorstorm” examines a litany of false flag operations, all matters of public record, and examines whether we are being led down the same path to dictatorial poilce states today.

More NASA lies and cover ups?

Three terrible, terrible films that purport to expose the lies perpetuated by NASA and the US Government. Watch at your peril.

Time For Some Campaignin’!