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This week’s Avoid Spikes comic now online!

In this week’s ‘Avoid Spikes’, we celebrate 100 strips! And also rubberneck at the total fucking trainwreck that is the Gawker Media websites redesign.


Judge pwns idiot, proves dog more intelligent.

In a court battle between EDS and BSkyB, the QC finds for the plaintiff after proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the key witness for the defence is a total bullshitter, and also less smart than his dog.


Infinite amusement can be found in the suspensions forums. Warning: your faith in humanity will decrease noticeably.

Alex Jones shoots self in foot; inserts into mouth

Alex Jones, “mouthpiece of the people”, makes a complete and utter twat of himself by pretending a made up piece of fan-fiction by Z-list celeb Charlie Sheen is an honst-to-goodness interview about 9/11 with Barack Obama.

MP Anthony Steen: you’re a twat, shut the fuck up.

Conservative MP Anthony Steen proves himself to be an utter, utter clusterfuck and arrogant, out-of-touch twat in less than two minutes.

Retard of the Week: man follows sat-nav over cliff edge

Some people should not be allowed near the wheel.

Retard Of The Week: Idiot thinks Xbox is worth $1 million.

Some idiot’s Xbox 360 gets lost in transit and he thinks it is worth $1 million. Moron.

Retard Of The Week: crazy batshit insane tin-foilers

What keeps me addicted to conspiracy theory websites? Here’s an example of the comical nonsense to be found, that is both alluring and anathaema.

The Joy Of Bush

dogsounds examines George W. Bush’s one and only positive contribution to the entire fucking world.

New Avoid Spikes comic now online!

In this week’s “Avoid Spikes”, it is proven that some people should not be allowed near any kind of technology.

The Law, Your Camera, And You

We are constantly filmed every day. But when it is the public doing the filming, the law seems to not like it quite so much. Asinine examples follow.

tard of the week: man locks himself in chastity belt

This week’s tard of the week is absurd on so many levels. Seems there was a fellow in Kingston, Surrey who, whilst his girlfriend was out, decided to try a little kinky stuff and try on some of her underwear. Fairly common, you say? True, But this guy didn’t just try on a pair of […]

‘tard of the week: man survives fatal shot to head; medics suspect brain damage already present.

It seems that some people are just desperate to be listed in The Darwin Awards . This weeks “‘tard of the week” story (something that human nature will, no doubt, allow me to continue regularly) goes to Shannon D. Austin from Salina, Kansas.