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This week’s Avoid Spikes comic now online!

In this week’s ‘Avoid Spikes’, Foxx gets a little over-excited about Doctor Who.


This weeks’ Avoid Spikes now online!

In this week’s ‘Avoid Spikes’, we apologise for the interruption, regular service will be resumed as soon as possible. Now, here are some local scenes.

I’m on a horse.

A smattering of amusing Old Spice TV adverts from our colonial cousins, with nary a hint of dodgy old footballers.

Sand Animations by Kseniya Simonova

Kseniya Simonova is a Ukranian artist. Using a giant light box and music, she paints animated stories in sand recounting the invasion and occupation of Ukraine during WWII. She won Ukraine’s Got Talent 2009. Singing jackasses need not apply. The story starts with a couple on a park bench, followed by the chaotic invasion, morphing […]

Doctor Who: Dreamland first clip! Oh dear…

So now we have the first clip of the new animated Dr. Who series, Dreamland. And, Jesus Christ, does it look shit. Video after the jump.

We are ODST

“We are ODST”, the breathtaking live-action short advertising Halo 3: ODST.

E3 2009: Microsoft E3 press conference missing only fluffy kittens

dogsounds breaks down the Microsoft E3 press conference for all the juicy tit-bits.

Star Trek: Who Pooed on Your Father?

Day Job Orchestra re-dubs some Star Trek moments, with rather amusing results.

Life after people

Life After People is an arresting film examining what would remain to tell our story if human beings simply vanished from existence.

Dr. Who meets Star Trek? Hell yeah!

Dr. Who meets Star Trek in Dr. Who – Trek Through Time. Awesome fan mashups ahoy!

It’s Foxy time!

Making an advert with a anthro character? Great, Giving him a Saturday Night fever suit? Fantastic. Giving him a Salford accent? Priceless!

“What the fuck?” rebrand of the year.

Sci Fi channel decides it wants to attract people who are not nerds allergic to daylight and washing.

International Talk Like William Shatner Day

Maurice LaMarche declares March 22 ‘International Talk Like William Shatner Day’.

New Avoid Spikes comic now online!

The best way to watch a season of a TV series is all in one go. But there are downsides.

Frost/Nixon: the real Watergate interview

David Frost interviews former President Richard Nixon in one of the most powerful and important political interviews of the Twentieth Century.

New Avoid Spikes comic now online!

Sometimes an opportunity is too good to resist, as Martin finds out in this week’s “Avoid Spikes”.

Look Around You!

Classic episodes of the TV series “Look Around You”: hokey science at its best!

Write That Down!

An unaired pilot episode of Look Around You, and the show that influenced it, Experiment, from ITV’s Television For Schools And Colleges.