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Coolest airline livery EVAR!

South African airline kulula’s new livery makes it officially the coolest airline in the history of everything ever.


The Ladybird Book of Police

A nostalgic example of Ladybird educational books – about the Police – which probably still holds true today.

Look Around You!

Classic episodes of the TV series “Look Around You”: hokey science at its best!

Write That Down!

An unaired pilot episode of Look Around You, and the show that influenced it, Experiment, from ITV’s Television For Schools And Colleges.

I don’t know whether to laugh or lament

Somtimes you come across news stories that make you want to point to the whole human race and say “I’m not with these guys”. With this particular story, culled from the Daily Telegraph, I find myself wondering whether to be frustrated at the journalistic attention-grabbing sensationalistic headline that reduces the whole story to farce and […]