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dogsounds reviews: Big-ass Skyrim review. Fus Ro DAH!, motherfucker!

Well, Just holy crap. When was the last time we updated this blog? Like, a million years ago? Jeez. I haven’t had time to draw any Avoid Spikes Strips, but you think we could have written a few bits here and there.  Anyhoo, to try and revive the blog, let’s start with something simple – […]

The best video game console: you decide

We decide to let the internets decide which is the best games console.

DRM-free classic games for less than a fiver? Color me interested.

Like videogames? Like the old classic greats? Hate having to dig out the disks and re-install them then remember al the DRM hassles and trying to find the CD key that’s porbably on the handbook you lost? That may all be about to change, thanks to a website called GOG.com and a service they are trialling.